"I wish I could buy St. Jude a beer. If you've lost something, he's the saint you're supposed to talk to about getting it back. Somewhere along the way I became a Guardian of Lost Causes, something I've done for 25 years as a Public Defender."

David A. Brooks

A Public Defender’s Bedtime Reader

I’ve presented a mix of stories that strike me as funny, true, or profoundly sad. Some are all three at the same time. Characters have been fictionalized in order to maintain privacy and confidentiality, but they are based on real people and real places. You’ll be able to tell because there’s no way to make this stuff up.


About the Author

David Brooks is a graduate of Colgate University and McGeorge School of Law, and has been defending the public since 1986. He has represented thousands of people and has handled all manner of criminal cases including death penalty defense.

Mr. Brooks lives in Northern California with his wife Jean and sons Morgan and Spencer. The family is watched over by giant dogs, a bushel of cats, and a bird who sings Beethoven.

For therapy he aspires to be the world’s oldest living goalkeeper. He enjoys fly fishing, home brew, motorcycles, and old boats. David and Jean both play the cello in a symphony orchestra.

Excerpts From "Foresthill" Read by David A. Brooks

Officer Fuzzy

David reads "Officer Fuzzy" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Walter The Warlock Plays With Knives

David reads "Walter The Warlock Plays With Knives" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Walter The Warlock, Entrepreneur

David reads "Walter The Warlock, Entrepreneur" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Walter The Warlock’s Halloween

David reads "Walter The Warlock's Halloween" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Big Frank’s Tired Ponies

David reads "Big Frank's Tired Ponies" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Love And Guns

David reads "Love And Guns" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Johnson Family Fourth of July

David reads "Johnson Family Fourth of July" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Cop Crusher

David reads "Cop Crusher" live at the Red Dirt Saloon.

Olio! Cable TV Interview

David discusses his writing process for "Foresthill" on Olio!