Order Foresthill: A Public Defender’s Bedtime Reader


Table of Contents
A Boy Named Sue, or Why You Shouldn’t Pee into a Sock
Dumb Bunnies
The Upside of Alzheimer’s
Assault with a Deadly Seashell
Folie a Deux
Collateral Damage
Drowning Toasters
Third Strike
Driving While Dyslexic
World’s Best Funeral
Duane Speaks French
The Bricks
The Top Fifty Terrible, Yet Wildly Popular, Defenses to Criminal Charges
Fall Spawn
Dachshund Mystery
Is that a Rodent in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Cop Crusher
Miner’s Minor
Death by Legumes
Goat Troubles
Saint of the Sierras
Johnson Family Fourth of July
Dog Boy
Love and Guns
Myrtle the Chicken Lady
A Man Called Shad
Dick Dick
Grandmother’s Revenge
Pumpkin Farmers Gone Wild
Big Frank’s Tired Ponies
Walter the Warlock’s Halloween
Walter the Warlock, Entrepreneur
Walter the Warlock Plays with Knives
Trouble in the Tea Room
The Unoriginal One-of-a-Kind Man
Madmen and Prophets
The Real Meaning of Christmas
Ted and Jose’s Christmas Adventure
The Christmas Hooker
Court Kids
Officer Fuzzy
Slappy is a Dirty Bird
Chilly Tweaker
The Meaning of Life
Cathouse Piano
Boy Prostitute