Tour of Foresthill

Welcome to Foresthill!

Many of my bedtime stories take place here. I set out for Foresthill with the objective of taking a few photos so you could get a feel for the place. My strategy was to take my brother along, mingle with some locals, and just see what happened.

Foresthill is easily found via Highway 80 at Auburn, CA. The exit sign directs you to the Foresthill Divide, where you are greeted by a giant wooden bear who waves at you. The road heads towards the Foresthill Bridge, California’s tallest at 730 ft. It is the sight of far too many suicides, more base jumps than seem wise and the location of a car crash scene from a bad car chase movie. The story I wrote about the base jumper in a rabbit suit happened here. You can’t see anything of interest while driving across the bridge, but people like the thrill of parking nearby and walking across.

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